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Boosh Bebee Trailers – Safety Tips Before Towing

Dont get stuck towing your first trailer! Know the basics and always keep the safety or yourself and those around in mind when towing a trailer. Boosh Bebee Trailers would like to share a few safety tips, for people planning on towing a trailer.

Before towing a Trailer, drivers should ensure that:

  • The trailer coupling is correctly secured on the vehicle’s towing hitch.
  • The coupling release pin is turned to the closed position.
  • The safety chain is placed over the towing hitch.
  • The electric plug is correctly connected and that all lights including indicator lights are functioning correctly.

For more tips visit our website: www.booshbebee.co.za.

Or follow our store on MallMoola: mallmoola.com/store/boosh-bebee-trailers/ for new product updates, info and specials.

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