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Design Fun with T-Shirts from Meniscus

Heading into Spring has everyone excited and buzzing about fashion and what the rest of the year has in store for all South Africans! Meniscus Designs decided to share some Fun Ideas, about how you can change some of your favorite Mensicus Design Items or vintage T-shirts into great fashion-forward sleeveless vests!

These easy-to-follow steps will have you revamping your Spring Closet in no time! Making sure that you are “Spring” Ready.

Step I – Position & Straighten:

Ø  Place shirt on a flat surface

Ø  Straighten out any wrinkles

Step II – Pin & Mark:

Ø  Pin the front and back of the shirt to each other on either side

Ø  Turn the shirt over

Ø  Lightly mark out guidelines to cut on with chalk, slightly further out than intended cut

Step III – Cut & Trim:

Ø  Cut along your guidelines, slightly to the inside.

Ø  Unpin

Ø  Trim rough edges to taste

Ø  Parade around like a boss 🙂

Style Examples – Here’s a few ideas on how you could style the end products:

For more fashion and decor tips! Follow Meniscus Designs on MallMoola!

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