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With the multiple MallMoola chat and support points accessible from different Vendor pages, you can quickly reach the right person within a few clicks. If you need support from MallMoola, any Sales and Orders or Administrative support you need, can be requested by sending an email to our support desk or by sending us a WhatsApp Support Message.

You can also complete our interactive contact us form on this page, and our team will get back to you!


Once your initial shop has been uploaded, checked and verified, you will be able to trade!

All marketing materials, new articles and media campaign contributions can be uploaded from your Vendor Dashboard but needs to be approved by the MallMoola team before it will publish on the Website.

Double check that you complete each line of the interactive form and click save. Our teams will work through your reply and get back to you!


Navigate to the Vendor Shop by going to Shops, navigating to the shop you want to communicate with, and clicking on the support button!

MallMoola makes it easy to communicate with vendors and clients directly and discreetly.

MallMoola Chat and Support Button

Chatting with and getting support is one of the most valuable parts of achieving successfull online sales! Communicate directly with shop owners and managers or get support from the MallMoola support team.

When visiting a MallMoola Verified Shop, you will find either or both Support and Chat features available:

Chat Button: Easily chat with the shop owners. This communication tool is a great way to facilitate communication with Vendors directly! This tool is only active if the Vendors are online and setup for chat.  > Also see the support button.

Support Button: This allows you to submit a support ticket to the Shop for more information or assistance with an order. Effective when the shop is open and closed.

These communication options allows you to communicate with the shop team about your digital sales queries.  Allowing for faster turn round with online sales, and satisfied customers.

MallMoola Contact Information

Contact Directly

*WhatsApp Only – +27 83 298 5765 
(Contact the Vendor for Support on Products and Services)
*All Shops, Products and Services needs to be approved the first time by MallMoola Management.  All rights to use our service is reserved by the owners of MallMoola Pty Ltd.

MallMoola Is Located

Registered Business Location: Saponaria Street, Dorandia Pretoria.

Operations are mainly managed from the Cape Town Administration Office. Our members are available throughout South Africa and will have dedicated members in all the South African Provinces soon. 

Vendor Support

For Verbal Vendor Shop Support during setup, please remember to book a time with one of our dedicated team members to help you setup your store. 

Media Relations and
Customer Service

Not getting the feedback from the Vendor that you want? Let the MallMoola Team know and we’ll make sure you get in contact with the correct person!

New Business Leads

Know of a service provider, shop owner or entrepreneur that would benefit from MallMoola.  Send us an email and become a MallMoola Affiliate. 

Team Up with MallMoola

Send your CV:  – make sure to indicate, where you are based and your experiences.  If you don’t receive an email from the MallMoola Team in a week, then please accept that we don’t have any available projects or your CV has not been approved.

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